Are you ready to get Uncomfortable?

How to get so far out of your comfort zone that you have to change the clocks

I wanted to start this blog with something that reflects my personality, my style, and my approach to weight loss and healthy lifestyle so that you can get a sense of who I am and see how you can benefit from working with me.

So here it is: I am dancing on the internet, and that makes me really, really uncomfortable.

But I did it.

And here’s why. I am taking a leadership class that talks about ways to build your confidence, One of the modules is all about “stretching,” and doing something outside your comfort zone.

I can’t think of anything less comfortable than cutting a rug, busting a move, whatever you want to call it, out there for the world to see.

The response I got to my impromptu dance when I first shared it on social media was encouraging.

“Susan….well done!

“Thanks for sharing your good vibes!

“Dancing with you, girl.”

That all made me feel like I had accomplished a Herculean task. I rose to the occasion. I took a challenge, and mastered it.

This is very similar to the way that I work with my clients.

They come to me when they are uncomfortable with where they are, and I make them even more uncomfortable. Because I ask them difficult questions. I ask them if they are ready to make major changes in their lives.

Making the decision to lose weight is a difficult decision. To succeed, it requires willpower and commitment. If you are ready and committed to make a change, I can help you and hold you accountable.

Are you ready to grow…and not look back? Can you set goals for your diet and exercise?

On these pages, I hope to share with you some of the tips and techniques I use to motivate my clients to succeed in their weight loss journey. There will be strategies, and recipes, and specific tools you can use to win the weight-loss battle.

And who knows….there might even be more dancing.

Ready to leave your comfort zone? Book a free 30-Minute discovery call with me and we will talk about it.


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